Actipotens Reviews, Ingredients and Price

What is Actipotens?

The prostate is the male sexual organ that often causes men from the age of 40 increasing problems. The change of the organ results in various impairments that also influence the quality of life. A frequent urge to urinate, which results from the fact that the bladder can no longer be completely emptied, is a problem that can be triggered by the organ. In addition, increased fatigue, premature ejaculation, erection problems and sexual dysfunction can result from changes in the organ also known as the prostate gland. Prostatitis, an inflammatory disease of the organ, can also be associated with this. In this context, it is particularly stressful for men that their potency suffers, because the prostate has a massive influence on it. The manufacturer of Actipotens promises that the problems that the prostate gland can cause can be positively influenced with this product. The compound should positively influence the functions of the prostate gland. This is intended to reduce three risks arising from changes in the prostate. This means that impotence should be prevented by taking the product. Furthermore Infertility should also be prevented. Ultimately, the risks for the development of prostate cancer should be reduced too when using the compound.

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The effect of the product is characterised in four areas. This means that there is an antibacterial effect of the compound, that the function of the prostate gland is still normalized and also the erectile function is positively influenced. Ultimately, there is also an effect for increased protection against prostate cancer, which aims to prevent the formation of degenerated cells both in the urinary tract and in the prostate gland itself.

ActipotensAt the same time, recurring side effects resulting from reduced prostate activity are eliminated and mental and physical fatigue are reduced, immunity and well-being are increased.

Actipoten ingredients

An essential active ingredient contained in the product is a natural substance that has a positive effect on the functions of the prostate in many ways.

  • Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris has important active ingredients which have an effect in Actipotens. These are the saponins, which are considered to be libido-stimulating, erection-promoting as well as testosterone-increasing and also blood-sugar-reducing. Tribulus terrestris contained in Actipotens is also used by athletes to increase testosterone levels and provide an aphrodisiac effect. Among the effective saponins in Tribulus terrestris, it is predominantly protodioscin that has positive effects in men and can also help to prevent prostatitis.

Tribulus terrestris has already been researched some time ago in order to favorably influence a lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. It is now known that some saponins contained in the natural substance release the messenger substance NO, i.e. nitric oxide, which promotes blood circulation within the erectile tissue in the penis and can thus improve blood circulation.

As early as the 1970s, a clinical study on the effect of tribulus terrestris was carried out in Bulgaria. Here 212 male test persons participated. Approximately 80 percent of the subjects responded to the therapy with tribulus terrestris within the study. They reported that both their erectile function and libido (sexual desire) increased within the use of tribulus terrestris.

Recent studies have also shown an increase in erectile function and improved blood circulation in the penis has also been demonstrated by doppler sonography. Today tribulus terrestris is considered to be one of the active ingredients that has an effective effect on masculinity in a purely natural way and without the use of chemically active preparations.

For whom is Actipotens suitable for?

The product is aimed at men who are in the classical age for prostate problems. This is usually the case from the age of 40. In this phase of life, problems arise with the organ in many men. This can be a irritable bladder or a delayed urine stream. From the age of 50, many men’s problems with the prostate increase once again. Therefore, as a preventive and natural remedy, the preparation is aimed at men who not only want to eliminate, but who also want to prevent the symptoms, which usually increase with advancing age, even at a younger age.

How does the Actipotens effect work?

The effect of the product is performed in four ways. First of all, the product has an antibacterial effect. This has a positive influence on the urinary tract and the bladder and prevents inflammation within this area. At the same time, the normal functioning of the prostate gland is promoted, which is no longer given as desired in men with increasing age. In addition, the product with its natural ingredients ensures that the erectile functions are promoted and that the potency increases, which increases with increasing age under the influence of changing skin conditions.

Prostate reduced. Ultimately, the product prevents the development of degenerated cells in the urinary tract and the prostate gland. According to medicine, men from the age of 50 have an increased risk of developing cancer within the prostate gland. According to the manufacturer, the product is also intended to counteract this phenomenon.

The product acts

  • antibacterial, for example to prevent prostatitis
  • promotes the activity of the prostate gland
  • erectile functions are promoted, potency is thus retained
  • reduces the formation of degenerate cells that can lead to prostate cancer

How does the Actipotens treatment work?

The product is provided in capsule form. This means that the active ingredients can be taken quickly and easily at any time and in any place. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that one capsule should be taken daily. If problems such as burning while urinating or other symptoms already exist, these should already reduce after taking the first capsule. However, the intake should not only be used for the elimination of complaints. Instead, the manufacturer recommends that the product should be used permanently to prevent further prophylactic problems with the prostate gland.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Actipotens?


  • purely natural effect
  • immediate effect after the first intake
  • the functioning of the prostate gland is positively influenced
  • the potency is promoted
  • the antibacterial effect reduces the risk of inflammation in the prostate, bladder and urinary tract
  • the formation of abnormal cells, thus te development of cancer is prevented

The product is purely natural and is without the use of chemical ingredients. The manufacturer promises that discomfort caused by urination, for example, will be reduced from the very first intake of the product. Overall, there is also a positive influence on the functioning of the prostate gland, which is reduced in the course of life and often already from the age of 40. Another positive effect of Actipotens is the promotion of potency, which is greatly reduced in many men due to prostate problems. With an antibacterial effect, the product prevents diseases such as prostatitis. Men over 50 years of age have an increased risk of prostate cancer and, according to the manufacturer, the product reduces the formation of degenerate cells that can lead to cancer in the prostate, bladder and urinary tract.

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  • relatively high price
  • no concrete mention of scientific evidence for the efficacy of the product

The disadvantage is that the application of the product is not inexpensive. In addition, with the exception of the effects of tribulus terrestris, which have to be taken from other sources, there are no proven effects for the preparation.

Are there known Actipotens risks?

The manufacturer does not give any information about risks and side effects when taking the product. This will be due to the fact that it works on a purely natural basis and does not contain any chemical ingredients that usually cause side effects.

General Actipotens review

According to the manufacturer, the product should be effective as soon as it is taken for the first time. It is also purely natural. Another special feature is that the product combines various effects. Prostate activity is supported, it has an antibacterial effect against infections, it has a positive effect on erectile functions and due to its ingredients it should also be able to prevent the formation of degenerate cells and thus prevent the dreaded prostate cancer that affects many men of advanced age. The product can also be used to help with existing problems such as increased urination or burning during urination. The preparation can also be taken as a preventive treatment for long-term use to prevent prostate problems. There are no age restrictions for the intake, because the product can already ensure that prostate problems do not occur in the first place, even in younger men. The manufacturer also agrees that no addictive effect results from the intake.

However, verifiable and scientifically proven effects are not mentioned on the entire manufacturer’s website and the effect of tribulus terrestris and its effects on the erectile functions of men must be researched elsewhere. Distribution is based on trust.

General Actipotens experience

There are no reports of users’ experiences on the Internet. The manufacturer and sales website of Actipotens also does not mention any users who have already had positive experiences with the product.

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How does the Actipotens price look like?

The subscription price for Actipotens is graduated. For the order of a package with a content of 10 capsules the customer pays 38.00 euros instead of 76.00 euros, whereby the manufacturer speaks of a 10 percent discount, which is currently granted. If three packages with a total of 30 capsules are purchased immediately, the price is 66.00 euros instead of the regular 132.00 euros. If five packages with a total of 50 capsules are ordered in one order, the price is 89.00 euros instead of 178.00 euros.

All deliveries, regardless of the order quantity, are free of shipping costs.

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Where can I buy Actipotens?

The product can only be ordered on the manufacturer’s website.

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