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In order to ensure good performance during training, some athletes use substances that get them going, but which are not always as well tolerated as you might wish. In addition, there are often problems with side effects and some substances are not approved for competitions, which makes preparations more difficult. Today, therefore, we have looked at a product that brings all these things with it and also does a good job of preparing for competition. 4 Gauge is a product that improves training and therefore also has a positive influence on muscle build-up. And it works with completely harmless substances.

4 Gauge


4 Gauge facts

The manufacturer of this product has made the resolution ‘to need more ammunition’ his own. With his product he ensures that a perfect pre-workout preparation is possible. In order to better cope with the weights during training, the manufacturer offers good properties and active ingredients that can be worked with better than with the products of other suppliers. Here is an overview of the benefits:

  1. harder training than possible before
  2. look stronger, feel better
  3. better focus possible
  4. contain no artificial sweeteners

The manufacturer promises that if you take this product, the nervous system will fire up all the cylinders, allowing you to train with more power and endurance. One feels a high thrust and gets satisfactory results during the training to feel. Concentration goes high, tremors or energy failures are a thing of the past. This concept is rounded off by the fact that absolutely no artificial sweeteners are used in the production. One dose contains just 5 calories, which can be included in your daily nutrition plan.

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4 Gauge active ingredients

But what exactly is contained in 4 Gauge? Which active ingredients are responsible for a much better training? Here is the list of ingredients:

  • L-Citrulline DL-Malate
  • Caffeine & L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Beet extract L-Citrulline

DL malate comes from watermelon and is a vasodilator that provides a large muscle boost. At the same time, the kidneys convert the citrulline into L-arginine, a substance that is indispensable for muscle building. Blood circulation is stimulated and muscle soreness is reduced. It gives more training volume and contains an absolutely harmless growth hormone, which is beneficial for muscle building. 4 Gauge contains 6000 mg. Caffeine & L-Theanine complement each other perfectly and promote focus and concentration during training.

The endurance is higher, one has more power and energy, in addition one prevents breakdowns, as they happen in training without support unfortunately only too gladly. It contains 150 mg caffeine and 200 mg L-theanine. Rhodiola Rosea, which is 100 mg in the product, is often used to alleviate unpleasant symptoms. These include depression, fatigue and subjective well-being, which is especially before training always a little affected. Rhodiola Rosea motivates and promotes the will to go to the studio. It lifts the mood and also reduces muscle damage. It relieves stress and is positive for cognition.

The range of active ingredients is rounded off by beet extract, which promotes overall performance. 300 mg ensure a considerable improvement in performance. In studies, the performance enhancer, also known as Beta Vulgaris, was able to increase performance by up to 4.2 percent. This makes longer training possible, gives the muscles the right boost and ultimately improves oxygen utilization. In addition, the active ingredients creatine monohydrate, acetyl L-carnitine and coconut water are added to the product. Performance-enhancing properties, an enhanced fat reduction and a high nutrient content are also guaranteed.

Rhodiola Rosea Inhaltsstoffe

For whom is 4 Gauge suitable?

In principle, the product is suitable for everyone who wants to support the pre-workout with the right substances. Usually most bodybuilders use things like shakes or other substances to get going. With this product, natural substances are responsible for getting the right drive into the whole. Therefore, the product is suitable for anyone who wants to make their training more efficient and who doesn’t want to take into consideration conditions such as the reluctance to go to the studio. It is suitable for both men and women and therefore perfect for a large target group.

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General 4 Gauge test

Of course, we wanted to convince ourselves more precisely and therefore made a test with the product. We invited a few testers to try out the product and document how they could benefit from it. The use of natural substances, which is not self-evident, was particularly praised. Most competing products use hormones or other substances for the Boost, which are positive for the competitive preparation, but can become a fatal event in the competition itself. Not all substances are permitted and are classified as doping. 4 Gauge, on the other hand, is harmless in this respect. The pre-workout program was very positive with our testers.

They took the product and could not only increase their performance within a short time, they also reported much better results. The efficiency could be increased very well and the intake of numerous shakes and other preparations could be dispensed with. This reason alone led some to switch to 4 Gauge, even permanently. Especially in bodybuilding, it is important for most people to get as many benefits as possible from as few dietary supplements as possible. And that’s where the product convinced all along the line. As a conclusion we can draw in each case a positive judgement.

The preparation supports the training perfectly and is therefore an ideal partner when it comes to making it as effective as possible.

Training Unterst├╝tzung


General 4 Gauge experiences

We also searched for other opinions and found them on the Internet on different pages. Some users report a short start-up time, but this is a natural process with natural dietary supplements, because these products usually need time to develop their full effect. All in all, the audience was very satisfied and convinced of the effect. The efficiency could be increased considerably and many of the users were more satisfied with the training. Also the typical pig dog could be switched off much more often. One went with much more desire to the training. What came to the fore here again was the use of natural ingredients. Most were enthusiastic about the fact that they could distance themselves from the harmful substances and could thus use a natural alternative. This usually also made the training much more pleasant, because no side effects were to be expected. Have a look at more customer experiences here. *


How does the 4 Gauge effect work?

The effect starts already with the preparation for the training, because everyone knows the bad pig dog, which sooner or later appears again and again and prevents you from going to the gym. The product motivates and only when you are in the gym does it have the advantage of being able to use the connection between you and your body to a greater extent. Lifting more weights is possible, more muscles can be formed. A much higher degree of concentration is possible and so, according to the manufacturer, up to 110 per cent of the people are dedicated to themselves.

The endurance is effectively prolonged, with which stronger training units can be completed. The body is much more productive and receives an unbelievable muscle boost, with which size and more endurance can be built up. In the end you are more defined and muscular.


What is the 4 Gauge intake like?

For an efficient result it is important to take it correctly. The manufacturer therefore recommends that you take the product about 15 minutes before your workout. One dose contains 2 measuring spoons, but can be extended to 4 measuring spoons, which is perfect for those who want to feel even more. It is important to take a break every 6 to 8 weeks in order to be able to guarantee the result continuously.

Muskeln Wirkung


Are there known 4 Gauge side effects?

Side effects are not to be expected with this product, because it consists exclusively of natural ingredients. No side effects are to be expected even at the beginning of the changeover.


Where can I buy 4 Gauge?

It is best to buy it directly from the manufacturer. He offers the products in his own shop on his homepage. The order is safe and can be paid with different payment options. This includes credit card and Paypal. So there is practically no risk.

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How is the 4 Gauge price graded?

In order to guarantee a perfect income, the manufacturer offers different package sizes, respectively graduations of his products. Here is a small overview:

  • 1 can (1 month’s supply): 35,00 Euro
  • 2 cans (2 months stock): 70,00 Euro
  • 3 cans (+1 can for free): 105,00 Euro

For those who simply want to try the product out, the 2 cans are worth it all at once. Because it is also advisable to take the product over a certain period of time in order to feel its full effect. Those who have already gained experience will benefit from variant 3, because this saves money.


Conclusion on the product

If you want to get more out of your training, you benefit immensely from 4 Gauge. Because it is a pre-workout program, which works effectively and can also defeat the inner pig. The product is ideal for anyone who wants to make their training more effective and wants only the best for their body. Because this product contains only natural ingredients. A training can not run better actually.


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